I was born in Milano where I completed my studies at the local Universita' degli Studi with a degree in Physics, defending a thesis on Hadronic Interactions at the Experiment 80 at the Serpukhov accelerator in Russia, obtaining highest score and Laude. After graduation, I joned the Milano group at that time engaged in the NA1 experiment at CERN, were I contributed to the development of the Silicon Active target, a pioneering solid state detector, father of the modern microstrip and pixel detectors, now in worldwide use in experimental particle physics. In 1982 I began an exciting adventure at Fermilab, contributing to the design and construction of the E867 photoproduction experiment at the Tevatron.
Since 2004 I'm a member of the CMS Experiment, where I've been responsible for the Forward Pixel Detector commissioning test-stand software. Recently I've been responsible for the database interface software of the whole Pixel Detector.
Elementary Particle Physicist
I.N.F.N. Milano Bicocca
Universita' degli Studi
Piazza della Scienza 3, Edificio U2
tel: (+39) 02-6448-2461
CMS Experiment at CERN
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